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Light Support Kit for Vitopod Propagator

If you already have a Vitopod Propagator and would like to add lights to it then you will need to purchase this Light Support Kit. Each kit includes one pair of supports - so you fit one each end of the Vitopod Propagator using the suckers provided. Specially formed grooves in the top of the supports then enables you to fit two Sunblaster Lights so that your plants can benefit from these grow lights and grow faster. 
Made from clear acylic, each specially shaped bracket is held in place on the cover of your Vitopod using the suckers provided. Once in place these brackets will be approximately 5" (13cm) higher than your Vitopod Cover, keeping any grow lights the optimum distance from your plants for healthy growth. When you want to add to the height of your Vitopod simply move the brackets accordingly.

Please note: this support kit does not come with the Sunblaster lights, these are available to purchase seperately. 
For the standard Vitopod up to two 45cm Sunblaster lights can be accomodated, for the large Vitopod up to two 90cm Sunblaster lights can be used. 
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Top Tips For Lighting

Seedlings and young plants will benefit from 12-16 hours of light per day, so the aim of using artificial lighting is to enable you to acheive this, no matter what the time of year or what natural light is available.

In Spring you can extend the lighting period for your plants by switching on the lights for one to two hours before sunrise and leave on for one to two hours after sunset. To make this easy use a timer so you can automate this watering cycle every day. Don't be tempted to supply light all day - plants will still need a period of dark time for healthy growth.

On overcast or cloudy days you might need to leave your lights on for longer to achieve the full 12-16 hours of good lighting. In contrast, on sunny days you might find you don't need to your lights at all. 

Click here to see instructions for the light support kit.