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Propagation Media

There are many different types of Propagation Media available but all are designed to provide optimum aeration, drainage and moisture holding characteristics. The aim of the Propagation Media is to provide support and moisture whilst the plant is developing. We stock a range of propagation media, including the following:

Jiffy Pellets. Jiffy Pellets combine fertiliser and compost in one neat package. They are easy to use and handle. They have a pre-formed hole in the top to take seed or cutting and allow uninterrupted growth until the plant is ready to pot on or plant out.

Rockwool Cubes. Rockwool is an inert, clean and sterile growing medium. It is very porous providing the exact water to air ratio needed for healthy growth of cuttings and seeds. Strong and easily visible root systems soon develop and subjects may be planted straight out in their 'cubes'. The cubes will need to be watered with liquid feed to provide the necessary nutrients for plant growth.

Root Rio Cubes. Root Riot Cubes have been developed for fast germination and root growth. The cubes incorporate nutrients to air root development and to nourish young plants. The cubes are made from biodegradable organic materials. Root Riot Cubes are supplied ready to use - simply add seeds or cuttings into the pre-formed holes.