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Propagation Benches

Propagation Benches provide you with a dedicated area in your greenhouse or conservatory for the germination of seeds and rooting of cuttings. If you intend to be propagating a lot of plants, then a propagation bench is a wise investment. Propagation Benches should provide you with the following elements:
A really strong bench - this is especially important if your propagation bench is to hold a soil warming cable and the growing media. Our Plunge Benches are specially designed to carry heavy loads so that you can create a propagation area by adding a Soil Warming Cable surrounded by coarse sand or capillary aggregate.
An element of heat - for successful propagation you should provide seeds or cuttings with an even base heat. This is already built into some of our benches - such as our Heated Benches that have a heating element running the full width and length of the bench. Whilst you have the option to add heating - by adding a Soil Warming Cable - and our Plunge Propagation Benches are best for this.
A cover - adding a cover will create a warmer area in your greenhouse - so even when unheated you will be able to create a warm area for overwintering plants. If using a Soil Warming Cable for propagation it will also help to reduce running costs by reducing moisture and heat loss - and with our specially made covers being hinged you will still have easy access to your plants and good ventilation.