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Potting Benches

A purpose built Potting Bench provides you with a tidy, practical area where you can carry out your potting up and take cuttings with ease. Potting Benches are designed to provide a space for you to keep your small potting up tools close at hand - a shelf is often provided where you can store plant labels, pens, dibbers and tampers etc. A Potting Bench usually has a work surface large enough for you to tip compost - with sides and back containing the compost in one place so preventing messy compost spillage.

We design and manufacture all our own Potting Up Equipment here in our Derbyshire workshop. All benches are made from long-lasting, rust and tor proof aluminium providing you with a potting area that will last a life-time. We've taken into consideration the needs of the gardener who can spend hours potting up, planting seeds and taking cuttings. We've made our Potting Benches to a comfortable working height - but if you did want the bench made to a specific height we can do this for you - simply let us know which height you require and we'll quote by return.