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Polythene Pots

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These Polythene Pots, also known as polypots, plastic pots, or plant bags, are extremely popular as they are a cheap alternative to standard plant pots.
 Made from 200 gauge recycled polythene they are supplied flat - making them very easy to store - and once filled with compost they are sturdy, free-standing pots.

SKU PP3050
The design of the pots is such that when filled the base of the pot sits flush to a flat surface - making them suitable for use on water matting or capillary matting.
Each pot has holes in the base for easy drainage

Available in three sizes:
3" diameter x 3" deep (7.5cm x 7.5cm), capacity 0.50 litres
4" diameter x 5˝" deep (10cm x 14cm), capacity 1.5 litres
5˝"diameter x 5˝" deep (14cm x 14cm), capacity 2 litres.