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Plunge Benches

Using a Plunge Bench or Plunge Tray staging & benching within your greenhouse enables you to create a large propagation area in which you just heat the growing medium, making it a really efficient way to propagate from seeds or cuttings - many plants will grow well in cool air, so you won't need to heat the whole area of your greenhouse. Warming just the growing medium will be much cheaper and there will be no need to heat the whole greenhouse.
Our Plunge Benches make this possible as they provide you with a 6inch deep tray into which you can place growing medium, Soil Warming Cable and Thermostat. The soil warming cable is a simple electric heating cable and is laid in soil or sand and controlled by a thermostat - usually a Rod Thermostat, with the 'rod' or sensor pushed into the soil or sand to measure the temperature within the growing medium.