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Self Watering Seed Success Kit

For successful propagation you need to maintain the optimal growing conditions for your plants, and careful, managed watering is essential - too little or too much water can be as equally.
These Self Watering Seed Success Kits make it simple for you to care for your young seedlings correctly. They have an internal water reservoir and a growing tray supported above it. The growing tray is covered with capillary matting and fits into the water reservoir - allowing your plants to draw the water as they need it, from the matting, so ensuring they are neither under nor over watered. 
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Each Self Watering Seed Success Kit consists of:

A Water Reservoir - this holds sufficient water for up to 10 days coverage.
Inner Platform - this supports the Growing Tray above the water. It can also be used as a multi dibber when planting seeds and a multi widger when seedlings are ready to be potted on.
Capillary Matting - this rests below the Growing Tray and into the Water Reservoir. This matting draw water from the reservoir as the compost dries out.
Growing Tray - this long life injection moulded, so that they are sturdy enough to use year after year - you can even put them in your dishwasher to sterilise them.
Clear Cover - this fits over the Growing Tray to hold in heat and mositure.
Available in two sizes:
12 Cells - 15" x 5Ľ" x 6" high, with 2" square cells (37.5cm x 13.5cm x 16cm).
24 Cells - 15" x 9" x 6" high, with 2" square cells (37.5cm x 23cm x 16cm).
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Accurate seed sowing not only helps reduce the amount of seed used, it also saves time on thinning out and harming healthy seedlings.