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Plastic & Aluminium Trays

Many house plants can be successfully watered from below - thus watertight Greenhouse Plastic Trays and none watertight Aluminium Trays in which to stand the pots makes this type of plant watering easy and is especially suitable for watering your plants over long periods of time - for example if you go away on holiday. Many plants will survive for at least a couple of weeks if you carry out some pre-preparation before you leave. Ideally ensure your plants are well watered - so placing the plant pots into a few centimetres of water for half an hour or so will enable the plants to soak up the water they require - you can then move them out of the water and stand them where any excess water can drain away. You can then quite happily use our self-watering trays or a plastic tray with water mating in the base, to maintain the moistness of the compost that your plants require for healthy growth.