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Plant Supports & Accessories

There are a wide range of plant supports available to suit all types of gardens and plants. Depending on what you want to support, where it is growing and your style of garden will affect the type of plant support which will be suitable.

Traditional bamboo canes are now being replaced by everlasting metal plant stakes which can be used year after year to provide sturdy, reliable support to your plants. For creating your own sturdy wigwams for supporting climbing plants such as sweet peas or runner beans, use our Cane Supports which make it quick and easy for you to turn your garden canes into attractive plant supports. Cane Caps are a simple tool to use alongside your plant supports. These Caps are designed to fit onto the tops of garden canes to cover up the sharp point to help prevent nasty eye injuries.

We always recommend that plant supports are put in place early - before the plant actually needs it - as once a plant is fully grown, is top-heavy or has fallen over, it's often too late for a plant support to help.