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Cane and Tube Joiners

SPECIAL OFFER - Money Saving Pack Available.
Use our Cane and Tube Joiners to build your own plant supports, cloches, fruit frame, vegetable cages or other garden structures.
With no tools, no effort and no skill these Joiners make it possible for anyone to create simple, sturdy garden structures.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the pack of 24 and you will SAVE up to £3.90 against purchasing multiple 4 packs.
Lasts For Years - made from heavy duty, weather resistant black polymer.

Lots Of Connections - each Joiner has five ˝" (12mm) holes.

Multi Purpose - best used with our ˝" (12mm) aluminium tube to create really sturdy structure, the Joiners can also be used with standard garden canes or wooden dowel. Simply push the tube, cane etc firmly into the Joiner and then push the tube into the ground.

Easy To Extend - is you want to increase the size of your frame, support etc. the Joiners can be removed and repositioned or simply extended by adding more Joiners connected by tube, canes etc.

Reusable - when not required, simply remove tube or canes from the Joiner and store away. The Joiner is then ready to use next season.

Sold in packs of 4, 12 or 24