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Outdoor Pest Repeller

This Outdoor Pest Repeller, with PIR works by using ultrasound and includes several multi-frequency settings that can be effective against rodents, cats, dogs, foxes and other outdoor animals.
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How it works - The speaker emits a powerful, ultrasonic sound, normally undetectable to humans but which unnerves animals. Simply select the frequency against the animals you'd like to repel;

Frequency '1' - 38 - 42 KHz This is most effective against rats, small cats, squirrels, rabbits and similar sized pests

Frequency '2' - 23 - 27 KHz Use this setting to repel larger cats, small dogs and other medium sized animals.

Frequency '3' - 18 - 20 KHz Should be used to repel large dogs, foxes, badgers, deer and other larger animals

Automatic Operation Mode - You can set the unit to be activated automatically via the PIR movement sensor. This will give a burst of sound for 5 seconds when movement is detected within a radius of 15m.

Pre-Set Operation Mode - You can also set the unit to be activated for 5 seconds every 2 or 5 minutes.

Display - A blue LED light on the front of the unit shows you when power is on and to show when sound is being emitted.

Power source - Powered using 2 x 9v batteries or the 6v, AC/DC mains plug adapter and 10m extension cable with jack plug ( both available separately)

Mounting and Fixing - Fully IP44 rated and weather proof, it also includes a 20cm (8") stake for securing into soft ground and an adjustable bracket suitable for fixing to walls, fences or wooden posts.

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Animals usually react to the sounds within 2 weeks and within 4 weeks most animals will have learned that by avoiding the areas where the sounds can be heard they also avoid an unpleasant and stressful sensation. Some animals will react more quickly, sometimes overnight, and some may take longer.