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Special Offer Outdoor Pest Repeller Plus Adaptor

This Special Offer Outdoor Pest Repeller makes it quick and easy for you to install an ultrasound pest control system, without the need for any wiring. Simply connect to the mains adaptor or install the batteries.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £2.99 on purchasing the items separately.

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How It Works
The Pest Repeller has four built in speakers which emit a powerful, ultrasonic sound, normally undetectable to humans but which unnerves animals. You can select the frequency against the animals you'd like to repel;

Frequency '1' - 38 - 42 KHz This is most effective against rats, small cats, squirrels, rabbits and similar sized pests.

Frequency '2' - 23 - 27 KHz Use this setting to repel larger cats, small dogs and other medium sized animals.

Frequency '2' - 18 - 20 KHz Should be used to repel large dogs, foxes, badgers, deer and other larger animals.

Operation Mode
You can choose from two operation modes:

Automatic This allows the unit to be activated automatically via the PIR movement sensor. It will give a burst of sound for 5 seconds when movement is detected within a radius of 15m.

Pre-Set Choose this mode and the unit will emit a burst of sound for 5 seconds every 2 or 5 minutes.

Power Source
By purchasing this Special Offer set you have the opportunity to use the Repeller via your mains supply - the unit comes with a 6v, AC/DC mains plug adapter and 10 metre lead.

Or, for easier installation, it can be powered using two 9v batteries.