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Ground Cover

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Ground Cover makes an ideal floor covering - it drains well, suppresses weeds & is very easy to clean.
This ground cover is too be seen used on the floor in polytunnels and greenhouses in garden centres and other commercial growing establishments, used for walking on and suppressing weed growth.

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A tough, tear resistant material.

Manufactured from closely woven, UV stabilised, black polypropylene.

Gives effective control of both annual & perennial weeds either outside or inside any type of greenhouse or tunnel.

78" (200cm) wide, purchase as many metres as required in a continuous length.

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The Gripple Universal Plant Support system has been developed to allow the simple installation of a strong plant support for climbing plants, vegetables and fruit (for example clematis, wisteria, climbing roses, raspberries, tomatoes, fruit espalier).

Here are a few comments from people using the Gripple System:

Caroline Brett, College Gardener, Keble College, Oxford.
"Due to the nature of the bricks and the traditional lime mortar, the architect was keen to use a product that would not damage the structure, be unobtrusive and yet keep the plants secure ... Gripple trellis was quick and easy; the ideal solution to our wall wiring problem"

Joy Larkcom, Kitchen Garden Magazine
"We struggled with conventional wire tensioners, when joys of joys, we discovered the new Gripple tensioners. Brilliantly designed, they take all the angst out of tensioning wire."

Stuart Jackson, Gardening Correspondent, Radio Sheffield
"Worked like a dream (on sweet pease and runner beans) with no sag for the whole summer and looks as good as new for the next season."

Click Here to see details of installation and suggested uses of the Gripple System.