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Paint On Shading

Paint on shading is a practical, cost effective and efficient way of shading your greenhouse. The shading is diluted in water and painted or sprayed onto the outside of the greenhouse glazing in spring. The paint on shading we supply is Nixol, which will remain effective for up to 7 months, so you only need apply once a year.
Unlike traditional paint on shading, Nixol becomes clearer in wet or damp conditions and only provides shade when it's dry, when it turns white, reflecting the rays of the sun to protect from heat and glare. In this way Nixol only supplies shade when the plants need it and doesn't rely on you moving the shading on dull days.
Greenhouses can be affected by overheating from spring through until autumn - signs to look out for that show you should be providing shade are leaf scorching, partial collapse of plants and desiccation of young plants and shoots.