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Modular Staging

Greenhouse Staging is an essential addition to your greenhouse - staging enables you to make efficient use of the space within your greenhouse for plant growth, display and storage. Greenhouse staging needs to be strong enough to support heavy loads - potted plants can weigh heavy, especially when they have just been watered. Ideally greenhouse staging should also be long lasting, low maintenance and suitable for use within the moist atmosphere of a busy greenhouse.
We have designed our Modular Staging to meet all of the above needs. We use strong, rot and rust proof aluminium to create the staging and have developed a design that creates an extremely rigid, sturdy using a minimum number of components. Reversible aluminium trays are bolted to the 30" / 76cm high aluminium legs - one tray forms a top surface ideal for growth and another tray forms a lower shelf ideal for storage. To suit aluminium greenhouses select our standard aluminium Modular Staging, or to create a professional, attractive growing and working space in a green greenhouse purchase our Modular Staging with a deluxe green finish to the surface.