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Mist Propagation

Mist Propagation can be used to raise plants from seeds or cuttings. Mist Propagation is best carried out in a greenhouse or polytunnel. The definition of Mist Propagation is 'the mechanical spraying of water to maintain a film of water on the leaves and stems of cuttings.' Our Mist Propagation Units supply you with everything you need to ensure healthy germination and growth - the successful rooting of cuttings or germination of seeds relies on the correct temperature, the right amount of moisture and the correct amount of light. Our Mist Propagation Units provides the correct temperature by using undersoil, thermostatically controlled heating cables that create the necessary warm rooting area. Whilst the right amount of moisture is created by the automatic, frequent fine misting of the leaves keeping the plants continually moist and providing maximum humidity.
As well as selling complete Mist Propagation Units, you can also purchase all the individual components allowing you to design and build a propagation unit to suit your exact requirements.
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    from £640.00