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Mist Propagation Unit

Propagate plants from cuttings or seeds the professional way with a Mist Propagation Unit.
This unit is a collection of six products from within our catalogue, pulled together as a bundle to form this traditional, fully automatic, professional mist propagation unit.

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This product will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.

Some minor electrical connections will be required, please see the learn more tab.

A complete unit for use in the greenhouse - all you need is a mains water & electricity supply. 


Plunge Propagating Bench -
a sturdy aluminium bench, 30 inches (75cm) high with a lower level 6 inches (15cm) from the ground.

Matsuko Digital Thermostat - Accurate temperature control of the propagation bed.

Soil Warming Cable -Specialist undersoil heating cable creates the necessary warm rooting area (controlled by the Matsuko Thermostat).

Electronic Leaf Controller - This unit acts as an 'artificial leaf' sensing the moisture levels around your plants, when the moisture level drops it calls for misting - the length and frequency of which, are set on the control unit, by you.

Solenoid Valve - The valve is automatically opened and closed to allow water through as dictated by the Electronic Leaf Controller.

Deluxe Misting Kit - The warm, damp atmosphere created by the Mist Propagation Unit prevents cuttings from wilting & scorching, thus helping to promote rapid root growth in quick time, even with normally difficult subjects. 
Learn more
Click Here to see the instructions for building the Bench.

Click Here to see the instructions for using the Electronic Leaf Controller.

Click Here to see the instructions for using the Solenoid Valve.

Click Here to see the instructions for building using the Deluxe Misting Kit

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