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Professional Lighting Timer and 10 Amp Relay

Control your lighting systems safely and reliably with this Professional Lighting Timer Unit.

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Removes the load from the timer to a heavy-duty relay enabling it to be used to control up to 2KW (10amps) of lighting.

Requires two mains sockets next to each other, one for the timer plug and one for the mains plug.

The socket with the unit has two plug positions, enabling two lights to be controlled at the same time.

Complete with an easy to set mechanical timer, with 24 hour dial and minimum switching time of 15 minutes.

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Lighting systems to encourage plant growth use higher wattage lamps than those used in the home. Standard timers are not designed to control these systems due to the large amount of power they initially draw to ignite. The heavy currents cause the small contacts in standard timers to weld together preventing the timer from switching off & in the worse case can cause the timer to burn out.