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Lawn Tools

A lawn is a focal point in many gardens, so keeping it healthy and looking good is important. You can maintain your lawn easily, without the need for heavy-duty equipment, by having the correct lawn tools and regularly caring for your lawn. Edging Irons, Grass Shears, Trimmers and Strimmers will help you to maintain a tidy edge to your lawn. An electric strimmer makes it quick and easy to produce a neat edge. However, if you prefer to use a manual tool then a pair of lawn shears will make a clean, neat edge - either shears which you can use knelt down or shears on long handles to prevent back ache. Using a traditional Edging Iron will let you dig out a neat edge to the lawn - you'd only need to do this once a year, the rest of the time use your shears to keep the edge neat.
Scarifiers are lawn tools designed to improve soil and grass condition by letting water and air through by removing the 'thatch' that can gather on your lawn. If you don't want to invest in a scarifier, then for smaller lawns you could use a wire rake to remove the thatch.
Aerators improve the health of your lawn by removing cores out of the soil. By removing these cores of soil you will be improving drainage, encouraging deeper rooting, and will help your lawn to absorb feed and top dressing. An alternative to using an aerator - again if you have a fairly small lawn - is to use a garden fork. Simply digging the fork into the lawn every 12" will help to open up the soil, improving drainage and aeration.
Finally, don't forget that you'll need to keep your lawn well watered throughout the year. The simplest way to do this is to use a sprinkler attached to your garden hose.