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Jiffy 7 Pellets

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Jiffy 7 Pellets are an ideal growing media for both seeds and cuttings, allowing uninterrupted root growth and easy handling - just plant straight out in the block.
Jiffy 7 Pellets contain carefully selected fertilisers which promote growth, simply place your seed in the central indentation, place it on a peice of water matting to soak and it will swell from it's 1/4" dry state to 1 1/4" deep when soaked. This envelopes the seed creating the perfect growing medium. 

Little compressed peat blocks containing a specially formulated fertiliser and enclosed in fine netting.

When water is added they swell from Ľ" (6mm) to 1˝" (38mm) in height (15/8" (44mm) diameter) & are then ready for use.

When the plant is ready for moving on, no 'pricking out' is required - simply plant the whole block into a bigger pot or straight into the ground.

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