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Jiffy Pots & Blocks

Jiffy Pots & Blocks are both based on the same principle - that you want to be able to take your plants from seed through to planting out in the garden with the least disturbance to the plants possible. Jiffy accomplishes this by making their products biodegradable, so that you plant out the Jiffy Pot or Jiffy Block together with your plant.

Jiffy Blocks - also known as Jiffy Pellets or Jiffy 7 - are based on the 'container and media in one' principle. Each Jiffy Block is a mix of compost and fertiliser contained within a bio-degradable net. When you receive the pellets they are dry - to use them simply soak in water and they will swell to five times their original size. Being supplied as small, dry blocks, it's easy to store lots of Jiffy Blocks in very little space.

Jiffy Pots are not re-usable - they are biodegradable pots made from a mixture if sphagnum, recycled paper and basic nutrients. Use in the same way as a standard pot until it's time to transfer your plants into the garden, At this point the real benefit of the pots can be seen. You plant the pot into the ground with the plant - so there is no root disturbance and the nutrients in the pots can now be used by the plants to aid their growth. As the pots are planted with the plants, you've no pots to wash or store through the winter.