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Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop
Established 1975 A Trusted Brand
Made In Britain Homegrown Company
Safe & Secure Feel Confident as You Shop

Quadgrow Planter

Awarded BEST BUY by Gardening Which this Quadgrow Planter was designed by 'Greenhouse Sensation' to provide both experienced gardeners and those new to gardening with a 'Can't Grow Wrong' Planter that will keep plants perfectly watered for up to 14 days from one filling. 

The smart reservoir ensures your plants receive the correct amount of water at all times, so your plants produce bigger harvests with less effort - tests have seen harvests 2 x bigger when using the Quadgrow compared to plants grown in standard growbags or pots.

The Quadgrow design was improved in 2019 and is now split into two reservoirs joined via a connecting tube complete with 'root filters', Each reservoir measures 24½" / 62cm long by 14" / 36cm wide by 7" / 18cm high and has a 15 litre capacity. This large capacity should keep plants watered for up to 14 days and is easy to fill up via the filler hole. 
The new design now allows for the tanks to be used independently, please see details below. 
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Each Quadgrow includes:

Two Smart Reservoir Bases - each 24˝inch / 62cm long x 14 inch / 36cm wide x 7inch / 18cm high (height including pots approximately 1ft 2in / 36cm). A connector tube is included to join the two reservoirs together.
The two reservoirs can be used independently, but in order to do this two special bungs will be required to cap off the holes in the tanks left by not fitting the connecting tube - these can be purchased seperately -  see below.

Four Pots - each 10inch / 25cm square by 10inch / 25cm high. Each pot has a compost capacity of approx. 11 litres. 

Four Feeder Mats- these are fitted into the base of the pots prior to planting. These mats transfer water from the Smart Reservoir into the soil around the roots of your plants - precisely where it is needed - maintaining perfect moisture levels at all times. To keep your Quadgrow working efficiently these feeder mats should be replaced every year so are available to purchase separately. 

Nutrigrow Plant Feed - 2.5 litres of feed are included with both the pack of one or pack of two Quadgrows. This award winning plant food can be used with vegetable plants or ornamentals to improve general health, speed up plant growth and increase flower and fruit production. Nutrigrow includes potash, nirogen, calcium and magnesium but the secret to its success is that it also includes micronutrients and trace elements in a balanced ratio. It is supplied as a super concentrated fertiliser. For young plants the dilution rate is 3ml per litre of water. For mature plants the rate increases to 6ml. This Nutrigrow Plant Food can be bought on its' own as required.
Ideal for growing everything which you would usually grow in a growbag - including tomatoes, beans, aubergines, cucumbers, peas, peppers, courgettes etc. The design of the Quadgrow ensures that your plants are never too dry or too wet - and it is this constant, even supply of water which results in healthier plants and bigger yields and prevents problems like root rot, split fruit and blossom end rot which can occur with erratic watering. 

You can use the Quadgrow indoors or outdoors - there are no restrictions! - it's ideal for use in a greenhouse, polytunnel, on patios or balconies etc.
Not only will you get better crops by using the Quadgrow, but you are also holiday proofing your plants - the Quadgrow will hold sufficient water for up to 10 days worth of watering - and is easy for even the non-gardener to top up if you're going to be away for longer! 

NEW You can now increase the capacity of your Quadgrow by more than 100% by adding our new Float Valve and 47 litre water tank Kit - so now giving you over 20 days of coverage (Product Code - FV47T). 

Learn more
Click Here to see instructions for setting up the Quadgrow Planter.

As well as water, plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis (they combine water, carbon dioxide and light to produce glucose). They access this carbon dioxide through microscopic openings on their leaves and stems. These openings are called ‘stomata’. The stomata open and close regularly to absorb carbon dioxide and as they do this they also release water, this release of water is called transpiration. If the plant is short of water it won't open its stomato as frequently and therefore it won't photosynthesise as much. Sunny, hot weather increases the rate of transpiration, so plants need more water in these conditions.
It's no wonder then that incorrect watering causes most gardening problems, including blossom end rot and fruit splitting, such as when growing in traditional tomato planters. 

Here's What The Magazines And Professional Growers Have Said About The Quadgrow Planter

 'The answer to most gardeners' prayers. No more coming home to find your peppers parched'
 Garden Answers magazine

 'Much more responsive to a plant's needs than hand or dripper watering'
 Kitchen Garden magazine

 'Ensures plants take up exactly what they need'
 Grow It magazine

 'No more struggling to keep up with the twice daily watering tour'
 Kitchen Garden magazine

 'The Quadgrow gives me the peace of mind to go away, during the heat of the summer, safe in the knowledge that my plants are in safe hands.'
 Matt Simpson Simpson's Seeds