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Deluxe Misting Kit

By installing one of our high quality Deluxe Misting Kits in your greenhouse or polythene tunnel you will by able to easily and efficiently create a very fine, even mist of water, ideal when propagating seedlings and cuttings.
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Widely & successfully used by commercial growers.

 Each kit is supplied complete with the following:

Mist jet(s) - these professional mist jets provide a very fine, even mist. For efficient, long term use each jet has an in-built filter for easy cleaning.
PVC Riser(s) - these lift the mist jet(s) approximately 20" (50cm) above the surface of the bench, enabling the mist to fall 'over' the plants.
PVC Horizontal Tube(s) - each approximately 20" (50cm) in length, they are used to space the risers & rest on the surface of your bench, or are buried wthin your sandbed.
Threaded Connectors - supplied with all the necessary robust connectors to join horizontal tubes to rises & to fit mist jet(s) & hose inlet.
PTFE tape - by fitting a small amount of tape around each joint makes assembly easier & ensures a watertight join.
Hose Inlet - enables a secure, watertight connection between your hose & the misting kit.

Available in three sizes:
The following number of mist jets are included with each kit:
One jet with a 4' x 4' (1.2m x 1.2m) Kit,
Two jets with a 7' x 4' (2.1m x 1.2m) Kit,
Three jets with a 10' x 4' (3m x 1.2m) Kit.
Learn more
Click Here to see the instructions for assembling the Misting Kit.

Please note: - the Deluxe Misting Kit can ONLY be run off mains water or a good pumped supply.

Illustration shows 4' x 4' Deluxe Misting Kit.(One jet system).