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Cosygrow Fleece

Our Cosygrow is a lightweight garden fleece used to protect plants from adverse weather conditions including drops in temperature down to minus 2-3 degrees Celsius and damage from insects and birds etc.
This 18gsm fleece is very lightweight so will not crush delicate shoots and new growth whilst having very high permeability to moisture, nutrients, light and air.
Garden fleece can be used for many tasks around the garden, from protecting vulnerable, young crops especially cauliflower, salad crops, seedlings, soft fruit, early potatoes, bedding plants etc etc. You can even use it to protect lawn when it is being re-seeded, making tunnel cloches and covering outdoor containers. Plus garden fleece doesn’t just have to be used outdoors, it can also be used in your greenhouse and polytunnels to act as insulation, to divide areas up and to cover pots and trays of plants for extra protection. 

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - select the 10m pack and you will make a saving against purchasing multiple single metres.
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Cosygrow is the ideal, lightweight frost protection fleece to protect your plants down to temperatures of minus 2-3 degrees Celsius. 
This 18gsm garden fleece has very high permeability to moisture, nutrients, light and air so allowing your plants to remain naturally watered and ventilated but at the same time increases soil temperatures and humidity levels.
By raising soil temperatures and protecting your plants you should be able to start planting out around two weeks earlier in Spring, whilst in the autumn it can be used to help ripen cucumbers and bush tomatoes. 

Washable, tear resistant and ultra-violet light stabilised it will last for several seasons.

Dimensions: 78 inches (200cm) wide, purchase as many metres as required in a continuous length.
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Click Here to see the instructions for using this Cosygrow.