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Hose Pipes

Garden Hose Pipes will carry large quantities of water around your garden with minimum effort and will avoid you having to make tiresome journeys back and forth with a watering can. When buying a hose pipe work out the length you will need to reach the bottom of your garden and buy the length to suit. Don't be tempted to buy a really long hose because it's cheap as the longer the hose the slower the flow rate will be. If you have a large garden, or if your water pressure is low, it is important to consider the hose diameter. The larger the diameter, the quicker the water is delivered - the most common diameter of hosepipes in the UK is 1/2" / 13mm, however 3/4" / 19mm Garden Hose Pipes are also available and will deliver up to 2ó times more water in the same time compared to a 1/2" / 13mm hose. We're often asked whether the hose diameter is the internal or external size - it is the INTERNAL diameter of the hose. To get the most from your hose pipe you will need an outside tap, suitable connectors and a suitable reel to store the hose when it's not in use.