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Heating Cables

A range of electically powered soil warming cables for use in propagation beds as well as specialist Iceguard cables for use around water pipes to prevent them freezing in winter.

Soil warming cables are perfect for using in conjunction with other greenhouse heating systems to ensure your soil stays at an appropriate temperature for propagation whilst your heater maintains a lower base temperature.

In an otherwise un heated greenhouse soil warming cables can also be used to protect plants through the winter months.

Iceguard Heating Cables are designed to prevent your pipes from freezing, especially useful if your pipes are exposed to the elements outside your home. Simply wrap the cables around the pipe evenly and it will keep the pipe warm in all weathers and keep them from freezing over or being affected by ice. When the temperature dips below 5 degrees centigrade the built-in-frost-stat automatically switches on the cables to prevent ice formation.

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