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Greenhouse Heaters

Heating a greenhouse will not only keep your greenhouse at an appropriate temperature in the winter months, it will also provide more growing opportunities.

Being able to raise the temperature in your greenhouse means you will be able to grow more plants successfully. There are a great range of electric greenhouse heaters with thermostats that will allow you to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Heating a greenhouse in winter is extremely important for the survival of your plants, especially if you are growing fruit or vegetables that you use yourself. There are plenty of electric heaters and gas greenhouse heaters that are more than capable of heating a greenhouse to your required temperature.

Greenhouse heating systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes; from small portable heaters and cheap electric heaters to larger heaters that are designed for heating a larger greenhouse.

At Two Wests we have an excellent range of heaters that will make heating a greenhouse in winter simple and efficient. We have paraffin heaters and gas heaters as well as electric heaters and energy efficient heating systems, such as our room heaters that have a built in thermostat so you can regulate their temperature.

Don't forget to view our range on insulation as well as greenhouse heaters. Having good quality insulation such as bubble insulation will ensure that any heat generated by your greenhouse heaters will be retained well by your insulation. If you have are looking at electric greenhouse heaters with a thermostat this will also help save you money, as your heater will regulate the desired temperature.
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