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Iceguard Heating Cable

These Iceguard Heating Cables have been designed to help prevent exposed water pipes or oil/diesel pipes from freezing. Simply wind the Cable around the pipe or fasten alongside the pipe with cable ties and plug in. The built-in frost-stat automatically switches the cable on when temperatures fall below 5 degress C.
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Includes a built in automatic thermostat which turns the cable on when temperature falls below 5 degrees C

Ideal for use on water, oil or fuel pipes, metal or plastic pipes

The cable is wound round the pipe or fastened alongside the pipe with cable ties (not included)

Available in twelve different lengths, with the power consumption shown as watts for each length

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Top Tip

Prevent house guttering from collapsing under wight of snow by using these Iceguard Cables. Fit the cable along the length of the guttering and it will prevent the build-up of snow.