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Hanging Baskets & Accessories

Hanging Baskets are one of the simplest ways of adding colour to your garden or plant display but do need regular attention to keep them looking at their best. Top of the list when it comes to looking after hanging baskets is watering. Like other plants in containers, plants growing in hanging baskets are surrounded by very little compost so they soon use up the moisture in the compost and so need to be watered regularly to remain healthy - you will need to water them daily, in the height of summer even twice a day. There are a wide range of products available to make watering your hanging baskets easy an efficient - from the simple Iriso Watering Spikes to automatic drip watering systems, such as our Tropf Blumat watering system. When growing plants in hanging baskets - or in containers or planters - we always recommend that you mix in Watering Retaining Granules into the compost when planting. These soak up masses of water and release it slowly to your plants, making watering even easier.

Hanging baskets are often hard to reach as they are fixed high up on a wall - for easy watering and maintenance fit a Hilo between basket and bracket and this will allow you to easily raise and lower the basket as needed.

You can start to prepare your summer hanging baskets from April onwards - but you do have to be careful as they will need frost protection. Ideally plant them up and leave them hanging in your greenhouse for a couple of weeks before transferring outside - this gives your plants more time to establish. You can fix hanging baskets in your greenhouse using our Fixing Supports and S Hooks to provide a strong hanging point.