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Hand Forks & Trowels

A range of small garden hand tools are an essential part of a gardener's armoury. Hand Trowels & Forks come in handy for a wide range of tasks, from planting out small plants through to weeding in tight spaces. Hand tools are good tools as they are light enough to be held in one hand, leaving your other hand free to hold the plant. Some trowels have measurements etched onto their blades - this is useful for measuring the planting depth. Trowel blades tend to be of a standard length - 5-6inches / 13-15cm - with the overall length including handle usually being no longer than 12inch / 30cm. However, the width of a Trowel can vary depending what it is designed to be used for. Trowels with a narrow blade are ideal for working in tight spots such as window boxes, patio containers or rockeries. You'll often find these narrow trowels called Weeding Trowels, Rockery Trowels, Bulb-planting Trowels or Transplanting Trowels. When planting out, use the Trowel as a scoop to make a hole. The pointed tip of the trowel can be used to put the soil back in around the roots, and the back of the trowel used to firm the soil down again. You can also make slits into the ground with a garden trowel by holding it like a dagger and pushing it into the ground. Simply move the trowel back and forth until the slit is wide enough to take a bulb or small bare rooted plant.
  • Scoop for Compost


    Dimensions - 4 inches (10cm) long, 3 inches (9cm) deep, overall length including handle 11 inches (28cm). 

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    Darlac Multi Trowel


    Easily lift weeds with its forked end.Eases plants from pots using the honed edge. Accurate planting depth guide. Cuts through small roots with its...

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