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Guns, Nozzles & Lances.

Fitting a Water Gun, Water Nozzle or Lance to your hosepipe provides you with great control over the water as it is delivered to your plants. With no fitting attached water simply gushes out of the end of the hosepipe - which is fine if you are filling a watering can, but is not suitable for watering your plants as the water is delivered too fast and will wash away soil and compost. A Water Nozzle is the simplest attachment and lets you control the force at which water leaves the hosepipe as well as the area it covers - simply turning the body of the nozzle often changes delivery from a fine mist through to a strong jet. A Water Gun tends to be more comfortable to use, so for larger gardens is a better choice than a standard nozzle. Water Guns often have different spray patterns to select from as well as control over the flow of water. Choose a Spray Lance when you need to water plants in awkward areas - for example when watering hanging baskets or reaching over wide benching in a greenhouse.

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