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GS LED Grow Light

These bright LED lights deliver the perfect, intense light spectrum which will promote strong, healthy plant growth, at all stages, dependant on the light colour chosen.
* Each light has a built-in reflector.
* Long life, up to 50000 hours.
* Low running costs - Extremely efficient at converting power into usable light, starting at just 12w.
* Dust and splash resistant IP Rating: IP44.
* Link up to 7 light strips together to cover a larger growing area, simply purchase the number of daisy chain power cords you need to link your lights.
* 3 Year Warranty.
These LED lights are available in 4 lengths - 30cm, 45cm, 60cm and 90cm, so you can choose the best size for your application.
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Use the Blue LED Lights to give seeds an earlier and healthier start - no yellow leaves and no leggy stems, delivering a blue light spectrum of 6500k.
Use the Red LED Lights which are perfect for the flowering stage of plant growth, delivering a red light spectrum of 2700k.
12" long - 12watts.
18" long - 18watts.
24" long - 24watts.
36" long - 36watts.

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30cm LED Grow Lights.
Lamp Power: 12w (24 0.5w SMD's).
Lumen Output: 1320lm. 
45cm LED Grow Lights.
Lamp Power: 18w (36 0.5w SMD's).
Lumen Output: 1980lm.
60cm LED Grow Lights.
Lamp Power: 24w (48 0.5w SMD's).
Lumen Output: 2640lm.
60cm LED Grow Lights.
Lamp Power: 36w (72 0.5w SMD's).
Lumen Output: 3960lm.