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Grow Lighting

Grow Lighting can be used to help produce bumper crops. Where natural daylight is not always available or when you want to boost the natural daylight to encourage quicker growth, then you would choose to install a grow light system. If you raise your plants indoors - where they have limited if any access to natural daylight - then grow lighting becomes very important. It will prevent your plants from becoming drawn, leggy and weak and it can also be used to encourage some plants to flower.
We've chosen our range of grow lights based on their efficiency in use to give you the best results. We've got systems that have polished reflectors for even light distribution or systems where you can exchange the lamps throughout the year for even, healthy plant growth. All the systems come with reflector, ballast and lamp, with replacement bulbs also in stock - please note, the Professional Grow Lighting system lets you select you own lamps, metal halide or high pressure sodium, with the lamps being interchangeable in the same power pack and reflector.