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Rion Hobby Gardener 8' Wide Greenhouse

These spacious 8'6" (259cm) Wide Rion Hobby Gardener Greenhouses provide the serious gardener with a huge amount of growing room, giving ample space for all types of staging and benches whilst still leaving plenty of space for working in.
The unique barn shaped roof on these Rion Professional Greenhouses creates loads of headroom allowing the easy, unobtrusive installation of overhead spray kits, suspended heaters and other greenhouse equipment, as well as adding great strength to the building.
These polycarbonate glazed greenhouse have excellent insulation properties, being effectively 'double glazed' they are also ultra safe as the twin wall polycarbonate glazing is virtually unbreakable.
Framework - extremely strong, oval profile, totally weatherproof UV stabilised green resin frame. Snaps together using specially designed 'push-fit and lock' joints giving a smooth, clean, rounded finish with no sharp edges.
Each profile has a specially designed channel which accepts the glazing panel, thus making the glazing installation very secure.

Glazing - high quality tough, twin wall polycarbonate safety glazing held securely within the sturdy framework. Polycarbonate glazed greenhouses have a greater heat retentive property to them, they are effectively double glazed.

Double Door - 4' (122cm) hinged door.

Roof Vents are included as follows :
one with 8'6" long model
two with the 12'7" long model
three with the 16'8" long model
and four with the 20'9" long model.

Dimensions :
8'6" (259cm) wide
4'1" (125cm) high to Eaves (excluding a base)
6'6" (198cm) high to Ridge (excluding a base).

Please Note
The dimensions provided for greenhouses are 'nominal'. A nominal size is used for identification purposes only and will not match the exact dimensions of the product. We can supply you with exact dimensions which will allow you to prepare a base in advance if you need to.
These greenhouses are supplied direct from the manufacturers. Whilst every attempt is made for your order to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition we strongly recommend that no arrangements for installation involving third party contractors are made until you are in receipt of your goods and have checked that they are satisfactory. 
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Palram use a national carrier to deliver their greenhouses. Please allow 5-7 working days for delivery.
 PLEASE NOTE: If you have ordered none 'Manufacturer Despatch' items as well as this product - these will be delivered separately.

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