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Palram Canopia Plant Inn

The Palram Plant Inn combines the qualities of a raised bed with those of a cold frame.
It puts you in control of the planting environment - soil, water, temperature and humidity. In this way the Palram Plant Inn lets you extend the growing season, so you can plant earlier which helps to increase healthy growth for bumper crops.
Ideal for the smaller garden, this riased planting area also has loads of useful storage space underneath.

Planting Trays - two 7" (18cm) deep trays are held within the frame of the Plant Inn. These will hold up to 225 litres of compost and also allow free drainage.

Greenhouse Top - designed to allow easy access (lids can be fully opened) and various ventilation settings (the lids can be left in a half open position).
Apart from being the most efficient form of suntrap, the sloping top means you can use the centre of the structure for subjects that need height and the front for smaller plants such as salad crops.
The Greenhouse Top is glazed with UV stabilised, crystal clear, single layer polycarbonate which allows maximum light to your plants whilst being virtually unbreakable.

Strong, low maintenance frame - made from strong, rust resistant, low maintenance aluminium with a stable, tough galvanised steel base.

Storage compartment - underneath the planting trays is a hidden storage compartment. Simply lift the grey sides of the Plant Inn to access the area.
It’s the perfect place for keeping your garden tools tidy but out of sight.

Overall size: 3’11" long x 3’11" wide x 4’10" high at the ridge. (118cm x 118cm x 146.5cm)
Available storage size: 3'11" x 3'11" x 21" high (23 cubic ft)

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Palram use a national carrier to deliver their greenhouses. Please allow 10-14 working days for delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have ordered none 'Manufacturer Despatch' items as well as this product - these will be delivered separately.