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6X4 Greenhouse - Halls Popular

Please note: sent direct from the manufacturer please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 
Halls best selling aluminium greenhouse, this Halls Popular 6x4 Greenhouse is a traditionally styled, low maintenance, highly practical greenhouse. Available with either a plain or coloured frame, with the choice of horticultural, toughened or polycarbonate glazing,
With these options you can choose exactly the type of greenhouse to suit your garden. Each greenhouse has integral gutters and a smooth action sliding door as standard, whilst a roof vent allows added ventilation.
Width: 6'4" (1.93m) with 111˝" (0.6m) wide door opening
Height To Ridge: 6'5" (1.95m) excluding base
Height To Eaves: 4'1" (1.24m) excluding base.
 Length 4'4" (1.31m) long.
Framework - this Popular greenhouse has a precision cut and drilled aluminium frame which bolts together. You can choose between a plain / mill finish or select the green powder coated finish (this coloured finish is applied by a special polyester paint system which produces an extremely durable, protective finish to the aluminium frame). Designed to be virtually maintenance free, to keep the greenhouse in tip top condition you should occasionally oil any moving parts. The greenhouse is backed by a 15 year manufacturers warranty.
Select From Three Types Of Glazing:
Horticultural Glass - standard 3mm float glass (panes overlap as you glaze the sides and roof of the greenhouse).
Toughened Glass - small pane 3mm toughened glass (so overlaps as you glaze the greenhouse), toughened to British Standard Class 6206 for added safety.
Polycarbonate Glazing - virtually unbreakable, this twin wall UV stabilised polycarbonate glazing helps to retain heat in your greenhouse and diffuses sunlight helping to reduce the risk of scorching to your plants in the summer months.
Single Sliding Door - 1'11˝" (0.6m) wide smooth action single sliding door for easy access and additional ventilation when required. Please note - in order for the door to work the greenhouse must be raised off the ground. You can buy a factory made base to do this, or construct your own base.
Roof Vent Included - for good ventilation and air circulation the greenhouse is supplied with one opening roof vent.
Integral Gutters - run along either side of the greenhouse. You can purchase the optional rainwater kit (one per side) and this will clip into the guttering to enable you to divert water into a water butt.
Optional Base Available
Before erecting a greenhouse it is important that you have a strong and stable base that is securely fixed into the ground. Typical bases can include building your own wooden base or having a concrete base laid. However, Halls offer for this greenhouse 
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Whilst every attempt is made for your order to be delivered promptly and in perfect condition we strongly recommend that no arrangements for installation involving third party contractors are made until you are in receipt of your goods and have checked that they are satisfactory. 
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