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Glazing & Tapes

If your glass glazed greenhouse has had its greenhouse glazing damaged or you simply wish to replace the glass with a shatterproof, safe alternative then these glazing materials are just the thing.
The 4mm thick twin wall polycarbonate as used in Polycarbonate glazed greenhouses, the 4mm twin wall polypropylene and the 3mm solid acrylic sheets are available to you as a DIY materials enabling you to replace broken glass or totally re glaze a glass glazed greenhouse with a shatterproof, safe alternative. These sheets glazing materials are also ideal for use if you wish to build your own cold frame, cloche or mini greenhouse, create double glazing within a structure or a partition within a large greenhouse.

These greenhouse tapes will help you to make temporary or permanent repairs to your greenhouse.
If the glass or polythene in your greenhouse has crack or tear and it's not convenient to replace it, then All Weather Tape may be the answer. This waterproof, strong greenhouse tape, if applied to a clean, dry surface will make a repair that will see you through until you can replace the damaged glazing. The Double Sided Greenhouse Tape will allow you to join two clean, dry materials where they overlap, or allow you to fix greenhouse insulation (Heatsheets or bubble wrap) direct to a greenhouse frame, the Glazing Strip will form a cushion between greenhouse frame and glazing, which is essential if you're replacing glass.