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Gardena Tools

Gardena was founded in 1961 when it first offered a range of Gardena garden tools designed to make light work of your garden jobs. Gardena was one of the first companies to introduce cordless garden tools back in 1973. In 1975 Garden launched a complete range of innovative secateurs and pruning loppers, many with power increasing gears, specially shaped blades or grips, which they confidently back with a 25 year warranty. Two years later Gardena introduced a system of garden tools with various interchangeable tool heads and wobble-free screw connection - all you have to purchase is one handle, then simply swop the tool heads to suit different tasks in the garden. So whether you are looking for heavy duty, premium cutting tools, or light-weight hand held pruning tools, you'll find a wide range of Gardena garden tools to fulfill all your gardening needs.