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Super Dome Polytunnel

The polytunnel "Super Dome" by Bio Green will protect your delicate young seedlings and plants in the same way as a cold frame or greenhouse will, protecting them from frost in winter with the added benefit of being able to use it in the summer to protect your plants from extreme heat and pests.
The frost protection is achieved as the tunnel has an extra strong transparent cover with a duty of 90g/m2 whilst for summer use the roof of the polytunnel comes with a shading material sewn into it, so that the young seedlings and plants are protected against the midday sun and heat.
Having two large side openings allows for ample ventilation as well as easy plant tending and watering.
The ideal conditions inside the "Super Dome" will provide you with a head start of at least 2 weeks in the growing season.
Being 3m (9" 8") long by 0.7m (27") wide and 0.8m (31") high the Super Dome really lives up to its name.
Extra strong 90g/m2 Greenhouse film fitted cover.

Tear-proof cover with ultrasonically welded eyelets to take ground pegs for anchorage.

Two large openings (40cm wide x 60cm high) for ventilation and ease of access for plant care.

4 mm Stainless Steel wire frame with built in ground spike.

High level tension eyelets with guy ropes to stabilize each tunnel end.

Complete with 10 x ground pegs for secure anchorage.

Fast and easy Setup.

Shading material sewn into roof.

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