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Duogrow Planter

Get bigger, better harvests with ease with this Duogrow Planter. It's perfect for growing a wide range of vegetables, in fact anything which you would usually grow in a pot or growbag - such as aubergines, beans, tomatoes, peas etc etc. Plus, because the Duogrow Planter holds 30 litres of water, you're plants can look after themselves for up to two weeks - so your plants will be holiday-proof! And finally, the design of the Duogrow is such that you're plants only receive water to their roots as and when it's needed - so your plants can't be overwatered and are not sat in a pool of water which could rot the roots.
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The Benefits Of The Planter:

As this planter eliminates the possibility of erratic watering you're crops will not be affected by root rot, split fruit or blossom end rot.

This planter can be used anywhere - inside a greenhouse or polytunnel, in a spare room or outdoors on a patio etc etc.

Saves you time - as you only need to fill the reservoir and then the plants can look after themselves! You can also add any type of liquid fertiliser to the water in the reservoir.

Ideal for new gardeners as one of the most critical things to get right is watering - this system frees you from this worry.

What You'll Receive:

Two12" diameter/12 litre pots - these are designed to stand on top of the Feeder Tray. The pots are the perfect size for growing plants which would normally grow in a growbag, patio planter or bag. These include aubergines, beans, chillies, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and any tall cropping plants.

A Feeder Tray with Watering Hole - this fits on top of the Smart Reservoir and is shaped to keep the pots in position.

A Watering Hole Cover - this stops any debris falling into the reservoir and contaminating the water.

A Smart Reservoir - this reservoir has a 25 litre capacity, sufficient to keep the two pots supplied watered for up to 2 weeks. This means that you no longer have to water your plants every day - this also means that when you're on holiday your plants will be able to keep themselves watered.

Two Feeder Mats - one is used with each pot. It pulls water up from the Smart Reservoir into the soil around the plant roots, exactly when and where the plants need it. It is these Feeder Mats that ensure the soil is never water-logged, that plants are never too thirsty and the roots have better access to oxygen, which fuels faster and more productive growth.

A Dipstick - this lets you easily check the water level in the reservoir.

Easy To Follow Instructions

Size: 2'2˝" long x 12ľ" wide x 1'10" high (67 x 32 x 56cm)
Water holding capacity 25 litres.

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Why It Works

The reason you get healthier plants and bigger harvests when using this planter is because your plants have constant success to water without ever being over-watered. This is important as over-watering prevents the plants roots from accessing oxygen - without access to oxygen your plants will die.

What Happens When We Over-Water?

When plants are over-watered the pores in the soil become blocked and this prevents the plant's roots from accessing air in the soil. Roots need access to oxygen in order to absorb water and nutrients, so lack of oxygen prevents roots from taking up water or nutrients - so even though your plant could be sat in water it can't access it!

Over-watering will weaken plants making them more susceptible to disease, especially fungal attacks. If over-watering is repeated the roots will eventually suffocate and the plant dies.

What Happens When We Under-Water?

When plants are under-watered they are not able to make glucose (which they need for photosynthesis), not able to develop new cells (so they are unable to grow in size), are unable to transport nutrients or glucose around all their parts (water is needed to carry nutrients and glucose) and they are unable to open the pores on their leaves and stems as frequently (this means photosynthesis cannot be carried out as regularly resulting in stunted growth).