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Gardena Micro Drip Starter Kit With Computer

SPECIAL OFFER - Buy this set and you will SAVE a massive £73.59 on purchasing the items separately.
Containing sufficient components to water an outside area of 108 sq.ft. or an 8' x 12' greenhouse.
This Gardena Starter Kit (Gardena code 13002-20) complete with Gardena Flex Water Computer is a great money saving starter kit, a must have if your installing a Gardena drip watering kit. This kit gives you all the essentials at a greatly reduced price.


Flex Water Computer - (Gardena code - 1890-28) - with electronic display & watering durations from 2 to 60 minutes, once, twice or three times a day - every day, every two days, every three days or just once a week. Requires 1 x 9v Alkaline Battery. 

Master Unit - (Gardena Code - 1355) - filters & reduces mains water pressure to 21psi, comes with adaptors to connect to ˝" or 3/16" tubing.

15 metres ½ inch Supply Tube - (Gardena Code 1346) - the main artery of the system into which drippers & sprays can be directly inserted; or from which less conspicuous branch tube can be led off for watering individual pots or plants.

10 metres 3/16" Branch Tube - (Gardena Code 1350) - for use in conjunction with supply tube to branch off to individual subjects. Can also be used as the main artery in situations where pipework needs to be very inconspicuous. NB: Used this way the water flow is restricted & hence the distance you can run & number of drippers you can use is limited.

1 - 1/2" T Connector - (Gardena code 8329) - use to branch Supply Tube in three directions.

Pack of 10 - ½"/ ½" / 3/16" 3 Way Connectors - (Gardena code 8333) - use to connect Supply Tube to Branch Tube.

Pack of 9 - In-line Drippers - (Gardena Code 8343) - Fixed at 2 litres per hour, for watering individual plants. The drippers can be used for insertion into a run of 3/16" tube.

Pack of 7 - End-Line Adjustable Drippers - (Gardena Code 1391) - Variable 0-10 litres per hour, for watering individual plants. The drippers can be used at the end of 3/16" tube or directly inserted into ˝" tube.

Pack of 10 - 1/2" Tube Pegs - for securing the supply tube into the ground.

Pack of 15 - 3/16" Tube Pegs - (Gardena Code 1327) - for securing the branch tube into the ground.

2 - 1/2" End Cap - for sealing off a run.

3 - 3/16" End Caps - for sealing off a run.

A Cleaning Needle - for the maintenance of the drip heads.

Please note that as layouts differ the Snap On Hose Connectors (HCSC1N) and Hose shown are not included in the kit. 
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