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Free Standing Shelves

Free Standing Shelving makes best use of the vertical space within your greenhouse - shelving units multiply the available growing or storage space depending on the number of shelves within the unit.
Our Free Standing Shelving is made from aluminium to give maintenance-free structures which won't rust or rot in humid greenhouse conditions. Our popular Versatile Shelving is available with three different types of shelf surface - aluminium trays, aluminium slats or untreated, timber slats. Choose aluminium trays is you want to store spare pots and tools or use as growing space by covering the trays with water matting or gravel. For a more natural look select the timber slats - these will not last as long in a humid greenhouse environment, but are ideal for shelving units in a garden shed or garage for storing fruit or vegetable harvests. For plants which prefer a lot of air around their roots - such as orchids - select our aluminium slats. These are also great if you are over wintering more tender plants within your greenhouse as they allow air to circulate freely, helping to prevent damping off and disease.
If you are short of space in your greenhouse purchase castors to fit to the base of our Versatile Shelving Units or Seed Tray Racks. This means that you can then site the shelves in the centre of the greenhouse - simply wheeling them out of the way when necessary.