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Window Sill Propagator with 14 Seed Trays and Covers

Our exclusive Special Offer Window Sill Propagator set comes complete with 7 spare seed trays and covers (that is 14 seed trays and 14 covers in total).
 This compact propagator makes it simple to produce your own plants. Designed to fit onto a window sill its electrically heated base is designed to carry a maximum of seven seed trays and ventilated clear covers at any one time.
The 13 watt heated base provides even heat distribution and will increase compost temperature by up to 8°C above the ambient in the room.
What's more with the spare trays you'll have the ability to plant more seeds having removed your original batch from the heated base to harden off.

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - Buy this set and you will SAVE £7.50 on purchasing the items separately.
30" x 7 Ľ" Electrically heated base.

Comes complete with fourteen 2" deep quarter size seed trays.

Comes complete with fourteen 2 ľ" high clear covers.

Power consumption only 13 watts.

Comes with a 3ft mains lead and 3 pin plug.