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Nutrigrow Plant Food

WINNER OF THE BEST BUY AWARD from Grow You Own magazine
Nutrigow Plant Food is an award winning feed that can be used with both vegetable plants and ornamentals to improve general plant health, speed up plant growth and increase flower and fruit production. Nutrigrow includes potash (a crucial nutrient for flowering and fruiting), together with nitrogen, calcium and magnesium (to stimulate natural development and growth) but the secret of its success is that it also includes micronutrients (nutrients plants need less of) and trace elements (elements that plants need in tiny quantities) all in a balanced ratio so that every nutrient is provided to the plants in the right balance relative to the others. 
Recommended Dilution Rates : 
Supplied as a super concentrated fertiliser in two parts, the Starter Pack includes two 2.5 litre bottles plus powdered fertiliser A and B. Simply empty powder A into one bottle, powder B into the second bottle, add water and shake thoroughly to ensure the powder is dissolved. Each bottle will now hold liquid fertiliser, each bottle containing different nutrients. These are now ready to use, with the following recommended dilution rates :

For Young Plants - add 3ml of solution A and 3ml of solution B to every litre of water.

For Mature Plants - add 6ml of solution A and 6ml of solution B to every litre of water.

A Refill Pack can be purchased which is sufficient powdered fertiliser A and B to refill your bottles (which you would have received with the Starter Pack). Or, save money and buy the Double Refill Pack..

WINNER OF THE BEST BUY AWARD from Grow You Own magazine as it arrives with 'pre-measured amounts of soluble compound that simply require you to fill the bottles to create your own concentrate. You just unscrew the cap and add water, completely idiot proof! . . . Great packaging instructions make this product user friendly. An all-rounder for veg growers!'