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Reacts to the weather - when it's dry it turns white, reflecting the rays of the sun to protect from heat & glare. When wet or damp it becomes clearer, restoring light transmission.
Supplied in a concentrated form for dilution with water, normally 1 part of Nixol to 2 parts of water, though this can be varied to give the intensity of shading required.
Easily applied by brush or spray to the outside of the greenhouse, it spreads evenly, doesn't clog sprayers & dries quickly.
One application will remain effective for up to 7 months - it doesn't wash off when it rains but if required may be removed by rubbing with a damp cloth or brush.
A 1kg tub of Nixol will shade an area of approx. 30sq. metres (300 sq. ft.) e.g. sufficient to completely cover a 12' x 8' greenhouse.
Two types available:
Nixol Standard - is suitable for use on glass, polythene and other polyethylene based plastics.
Nixol Special - is suitable for polycarbonate glazing. 
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