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Jiffy Shuttle Trays with 2.5" Pots

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These Jiffy Pot Shuttle Trays provide you with both strong, reusable pot carriers and biodegradable jiffy pots ready for planting.
 Using shuttle trays lets you easily move your pots of plants around for maintenance and planting out etc. They also make it really easy to keep all your plants watered with a large drainage hole below each pot, making these trays ideal for use on water matting, whilst also helping to prevent your plants from becoming water logged.
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Carry trays:
Reusable - made from long lasting, rigid black plastic.
Securely holds pots - 40 pots, 2˝" in diameter are held securely in place.
Dimensions - 22" (56cm) long x 12" (30.5cm) wide.

Jiffy pots:
Biodegradable - Jiffy pots are made from a mixture of recycled paper, peat and nutrients to aid healthy plant growth.
Easy to use - Plant like you would a normal plant pot, but when it’s time for planting-out the pot and plant go into the ground together - so there’s no root damage.

Available in three pack sizes:
2 trays complete with 80 pots,
5 trays complete with 200 pots,
10 trays complete with 400 pots. 
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