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For Shading

Shade Netting can be used in your greenhouse to protect your plants from the harmful effects of the sun and to reduce the temperature in the greenhouse. Fit the shade netting to the outside of your greenhouse and it will prevent the rays of the sun from penetrating the glass, so reducing the temperature within the greenhouse. The shade netting can be fixed on the inside of the greenhouse - with this arrangement your plants will be protected from the sun but the netting won't reduce the greenhouse temperature.

Our shade netting is manufactured from a knitted high density polyethylene (HDPE) green monofilament which is rot resistant, chemical resistant and UV stabilised for long life, so it can be reused year after year. Lightweight, flexible and easy to cut, there are eyelets at regular intervals along the seams either side of the netting for easy fixing and for joining together. Although designed as a summer shade material, it will withstand the vagaries of the British weather - so isn't damaged by heavy wind, rain or hail.

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    Green Shade Netting

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    Tough, durable UV stabilised polyethylene netting. 4-5 year life expectancy. Reinforced edges with pre-woven slits positioned every 2inch (5cm) to ...

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    from £4.85