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Folding Benches

Our aluminium greenhouse Folding benching and shelving has been designed to be attached to the frame of the greenhouse itself, so that when it is not required it easily folds back against the wall of the greenhouse - taking only minutes to fold away and only minutes to set back up when you need a working surface again.
Folding greenhouse benching is ideal for using during the growing season, when a surface at a comfortable working height will remove the need for bending or kneeling when potting up. It's also good for storage during the cooler Autumn and Winter months, with air being allowed to easily circulate due to the mesh surface of the benching, helping to prevent mould and fungus. During the Summer months, when you might wish to grow taller plants or plants directly rooted in the ground, this Folding Aluminium Benching takes just minutes to fold neatly away against the side of the greenhouse.
The mesh surfaces of this greenhouse folding benching and shelving gives maximum air circulation, allowing heat to circulate evenly around your plants and making it suitable for plants - such as cyclamen or orchids - that need maximum air circulation to help prevent damping off diseases caused by stagnant air.

Folding Timber Benches allow you maximum flexibility within your greenhouse. They are quick and easy to assemble - this also means they are quick to remove making them ideal if you are raising lots of plants in the spring and need lots of growing space, but during the summer are growing greenhouse crops (such as tomatoes) which need lots of height to grow - simply fold the staging up until it's needed again.
Our Folding Timber Benches are also 31 inches high - a good working height so you can work comfortably even for long periods. The benches are also narrow - available 14 or 21 inch wide - making it comfortable for you to reach all your plants