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Fixing Supports - Pack 10

These all aluminium Fixing Supports have been designed as a useful extra for the greenhouse, to provide very strong tying and hanging points in the greenhouse where you need them. 
A 1" (2.5cm) cranked aluminium bracket complete with 7/16" (11mm) long cropped headed bolts and nuts for fixing in aluminium greenhouses.

Easy & quick to fit, the cropped head bolt simply slots into glazing bar in an aluminium greenhouse and is 'twisted' to lock into place.
Supplied in packs of 10.
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These propagators will give a lift of 12-14*C (20-25*F) above the ambient temperature. For example, if its 40*F in your greenhouse (the ambient temperature) the maximum temperature in the propagator will be approx. 65*F.

Click Here to see Garland's Guide to Electric Propagating.


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