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Fertilisers & Dispensers

Good quality soil is essential for a successful garden. Without fertile, nutrient-rich soil your efforts will be in vain - soil provides the food, water and some air that plants need for healthy growth and development, so it's worth spending time improving the quality of the soil with Garden Fertilisers & Dispensers. Before planting use a Soil Testing Kit to check such things as the pH level of the soil and follow the instructions in the kit to correct the pH to suit the plants in your garden - most plants prefer a neutral soil. Feeding your soil is important for successful growing - if you can feed and water at the same time then this is the most efficient method. We stock Fertiliser dispensers designed to be fitted within your watering system - such as the Gardena Micro Drip System or incorporated into standard ó" / 13mm hose.

  • Darlac Swop Top Soap Dispenser


    Can be filled with powdered or liquid detergent or feed.  Easily control the flow rate with the large tap on the top of the dispenser.  Tap makes i...

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